Of all the martial arts styles that have gotten developed, few remain as punishing or complex as developing your skills in Muay Thai fighting. Unlocking most techniques which rely on two to four points of contact, Muay Thai relies on devastating eight different ways to strike an opponent.

Because it has remained recognized for hundreds of years, there has also been a fair amount of misinformation surrounding the sport. Worst still is that several other forms of East Asian martial arts developed alongside Muay Thai, making it difficult to distinguish correctly.

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As the name might suggest, this combat style originally got developed in Thailand in the mid-1700s. Among the first public demonstrations included a captured soldier earning his freedom by defeating ten consecutive opponents with it.
However, the earlier development of Muay Thai goes back even further, to at least the 1200s. It originally got intended as a military close quarter combat style, and it has undergone a variety of changes since then.

For generations, it has served as an effective martial arts technique, as well as a thrilling spectator sport. Culturally, it has been every bit as vital to Thailand as the Greeks and Romans relied on wrestling and coliseum matches.

To use Muay Thai to its fullest potential, you must learn to utilize virtually every muscle group in your body for punches, kicks, elbows, and other strikes unique to the sport. Make sure that you pursue your learning with experienced certified trainers for the best results.


Even against a seasoned mixed martial arts athlete, Muay Thai can quickly devastate an opponent. When other methods restrict their points of contact to fists and feet, you have a broader arsenal of attacks to launch. Because Muay Thai is an advanced fighting style, you work more areas of your body consecutively. There are no fears of your arms growing faster than your legs because you’re utilizing most of them at once.

In addition to technical training, it also provides an incredible cardio and strength training work out each time you go do it. Other martial arts may seek to focus your mind or quiet your inner voice, but Muay Thai is meant to tie it all together.

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