San Diego's #1 Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, & Self Defense MMA Training & Fitness Center


Our gym is made up of a group of martial artists who have a real love and passion for martial arts and everything that comes with it; honor, loyalty, & respect.

There is a lifestyle to what we do here and it’s all about passing down the knowledge that we have learned from our teachers, and providing it in its purest form to our students. That way, when it comes time to compete, we are able to do so at the highest level without worrying or having the fear of being unprepared.

We train six days a week in future hope of competing. Does that mean that everyone here has to compete at Coastal Combat? No. But it does mean that the level of training we will be doing is that of someone who is preparing to fight.


At Coastal Combat, our mission is to provide the most technical training that’s available; and to teach it at a competitive level.

What we do is provide the highest level possible of technical MMA training in Oceanside and greater San Diego County California. Thus when it comes time to fight; whether it means defending yourself in any given situation, where there is no other choice, or whether you are doing it for a competitive level; we are going to make sure that you have the proper tools that you will need.

The tools have been passed down from our teachers that our trainers have received training from. These teachers are from all around the world: Japan, Brazil and Thailand. Our trainers have taken many trips to all of these different countries, training with the best in their home land, while also training with them in America when they may visit.


We use proper techniques and training to make sure that injuries are minimal, meaning anyone can do this. Although, when coming here, know that our number one priority is learning technique and not necessarily getting the best workout in for the night. Though that may happen, it is not our goal. Our goal at the end of the day is to become the best martial artist that we can.



Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a combination of martial arts all mixed in to be used in any type of combat situation that you would find yourself in. That means standing up on the feet, transitioning to a take down, going to the ground, working off the cage or fence. Once on the ground, maintaining positional control through the process of wrestling. The goal is to have control of your position in order to be dominant; to throw strikes or to submit your opponent.

MMA is essentially a mix of all martial arts that we teach at our gym in Oceanside, CA. The main ones being: Muay Thai - the most effective martial arts striking or boxing - the use of the hands, Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, the groundwork, and take downs. In our facility, our MMA technique philosophy is built around getting to a good position to keep the fight in your control and not someone else’s.

Whether we like it or not, some time in our life we might have to defend ourselves or our loved ones. At Coastal Combat, we only teach the most effective martial arts.


Our core values all start with a foundation of Respect. If you respect someone mutually and they respect you, then everything else falls into place. Our two other strong core values are loyalty and honor.

We teach our students more than just martial arts; we teach them to treat people with kindness. When becoming Martial Artists, we realize that there are certain values of respect that we must have for one another. When you are going through combat and technical fight situations, it puts you in a place where you truly learn to respect human life and how fragile it can be.

This core understanding is accomplished by surrounding yourself with everyone at Coastal Combat, because that is the way we represent ourselves. To us it means that just because we know how to fight, we aren't out in the streets bullying people. It is actually the opposite; that’s the last thing we'd want for anyone in the martial arts. We believe that every well-trained martial artist must first understand these values.

You may find yourself becoming humbled in the gym by getting submitted and tapping out; or going too hard and getting hit back. But that's when you'll know that there will always be someone bigger, stronger, better, and "badder". Those humbling experiences in the gym teach us to lead a respectful life within the martial arts, and it really helps us become better people at Coastal Combat. We are here to teach you these core values; to push you to your limit, at the highest competitive level of technical training possible, while done safely so that you will feel prepared for any given situation.


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